Celebrity appeal

Degree of celebrity recognition

Level of ac-ceptance of their recommendations

Potential as opinion maker

Aspirational level

Career monitoring

Degree of

Degree of trust

With so many celebrities, the great challenge is choosing the one that best fits your objective

Discover the solution:

DBI score

DBI score

  • Present in 15 countries, the study assesses the public’s perception of various celebrities. The consolidated results provide the decisive in-dex when choosing a celebrity, the DBI SCORE, which also qualifies the celebrity according to eight key attributes.

Global data

Global data

  • Global research online: in each of the 15 countries, respondents an-swer questions about a list of more than 5,000 celebrities among athletes, film and TV stars, musical artists, business leaders, journalists, and many more.

Local data

Local data

  • In Brazil, 500 people, aged between 16 and 69, are interviewed for each wave. They evaluate a list names of about 600 Brazilian and global celebrities per study.


Survey participants answer standard questions about a list of personalities based on a sample with national representation in each country in which IBOPE Repucom operates. In Brazil, the sample includes six thousand people, between 16 and 69 years of age, who evaluate about 300 Brazilian and 300 global celebrities, encompassing actors, athletes, musicians, and hosts. More than seven thousand names are evaluated around the world.


The Celebrity DBI data are made available through an online service or customized analytical reports. The reports allow using demographic filters such as markets, sex, age, and income level.