3 de April de 2017

CBF leads the board on Facebook amongst other football confederations around the world

With the Brazilian football team classification for the 2018 FIFA World Cup guaranteed, IBOPE Repucom makes an unprecedented survey of the digital presence of the largest football teams in the world. The analysis covers the official accounts of the football confederations that have participated in at least one FIFA World Cup, and brings up the top 40 in number of subscribers to their social networks.

In addition to the subscribers of the analyzed platforms, the Brazilian football confederation accumulates more than 17.4 million registrations, second only to the Mexican football federation (F.M.F.), which has a total of 17.6 million. It is worth mentioning that CBF does not divulge the numbers for “CBF TV”, its official YouTube channel. If the information were disclosed, the difference to the Mexican federation would be lower or possibly put CBF at 1st place.

Analyzing platform by platform, CBF boasts the largest Facebook page, among the world’s football confederations (11.8 million of likes), the second largest Twitter account (3.8 million followers) and the third largest account in Instagram, with over 1.6 million followers.

Among the mentionable federations completing the top 5 we have the English (F.A.) with 11.7 million entries, and both the Germans (D.F.B.) and the French (F.F.F.), with 10.5 million entries. The French federation is also the leader in Instagram and YouTube subscribers. The survey also highlights the work done by the Polish federation (P.Z.P.N.) that, although in the 16th place on the overall ranking, has the second largest YouTube account with over 370,000 subscribers.

“With the beginning of promotions and activations from sponsors for the 2018 World Cup, IBOPE Repucom starts monitoring the digital potential of the largest football confederations on the planet. And Brazilian football once again shows its strength as one of the most popular confederations in the digital world. Investments in digital activations are increasing, and sponsors are already beginning to exploit the incredible potential for engagement provided by the current Brazilian national team, “said José Colagrossi, executive director of IBOPE Repucom.

Check out the full ranking:

Source: IBOPE Repucom – Digital ranking of the 40 largest football confederations in the world

IBOPE Repucom survey on the volume of social network members of football confederations that have participated in at least one edition of the FIFA World Cup. The ranking displays the 40 largest digital bases among football confederations.

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